This section has various external resources useful when using the Horse64 programming language. This includes the code location for all the core tooling, where to report bugs, etc.


If you want to get started, go here for the SDK (Software Development Kit) for Horse64.

Report bugs

Before you report a bug, you might want to check the standard library reference documentation and the 💬 community chat to verify if what you found is truly a bug or rather a misunderstanding.

To report bugs, here are the locations for core components:


If you're reading this, you found the documentation! If you got some offline copy, switch to the latest online copy of the documentation.


The core projects are dual-licensed under either a BSD-style license or the Apache 2 license, with the minor exception to that being the official artwork. Read the respective license files for details, the licenses of the core projects are almost the same.

Standard library

The standard library providing all the built-in functionality in the can be found in the same repository as horsec.


This is the Horse package manager.


The official compiler for Horse64 code is a binary called horsec. It's written primarily in Horse64.


Moose64 is a sibling language developed together with Horse64, particularly useful for handling C integration and low level code.


The official compiler for Moose64 code is a binary called moosec. It's actually just a slightly different build of horsec, they share the same code base.


HVM, the "Horse Virtual Machine", provides the runtime powering Horse64 programs. HVM is primarily written in Moose64 and using some [[C]( libarries.


Spew3D is the base library used for accessing operating system facilities, multimedia, and other base functionality, used by HVM. 🧬 Find its code here. While it can be used separately for any C program, it's maintained as part of the Horse64 project.


For info on how to contribute, read here.


For a full list of who worked on and created Horse64, check the contributors for the central packages:

And for Moose64 specifically:

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